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Long Island Adventures LLC, which N8ture.com is a part of, has always been a privately owned very small business. It's provided me the great opportunity to teach skills and enhance the understanding that developing minds have of our world, nature and life.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting this website. Long Island Adventures LLC is me. My name is Bill and I am responsible for everything that appears on this website, from page content to website design and maintenance. photo

We, the company and I, are located on Long Island, just east of N.Y.C. in the small, and lovely, town of Sayville.

I founded L.I. Adventures LLC at the turn of the century, when I came to understand the public was interested in learning about the natural world. Shortly thereafter I began an association with Cornell (the cooperative ext.) providing program content and instructing at summer camp, and then with private businesses. After that I embarked on a short career as an educator with B.O.C.E.S. giving talks to school classes on nature and science. Soon afterward I established a relationship with one of the Suffolk County towns providing nature, kayaking and canoeing programs to children at summer camps. From there I had eight successful years of my own summer camps through an association with the same municipality. In 2009, though, the political climate changed and I decided it was time to move on. It wasn't long after that I became interested in photography, and having had some initial commercial successes I've settled in for the long term. Unless another adventure captures my attention.

There hasn't been a long term vision or goal I've aspired to attain, I've just fallen into careers; one fascination has always led into another and that into another still.

The pages of n8ture reflect some my interests.

Resume´ upon request.