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Trying to catch up on everything that's occurred in recent months. So many places visited and photos taken. Where does one begin. In January of this year I visited Sunken Meadow State Park and immediately noticed storm damage on the east side of the park at the inlet where there once was a walkway over the water providing access from the hilly area on the south to the beach at the north. There still is a bench that I often rested at while watching the different species of birds often seen here. However, no longer a passage, as the overpass has been washed away. The second photo is from the same spot, but looking east. And the next photo, toward the west.

Missing Bridge


Looking East


Toward the west



It was early in February when I found myself in Tucson, Az., having travelled by car, with my friend Nancy, her cat Twink and dog Coki, and it was the best road trip of my life. We stopped at every place that was a place, visited and ate at all the important spots along the way, and some places that weren't the least bit important, but fun anyway. Visited with the ducks at "The Peabody", had ribs at the Rendezvous and at the Central BBQ too, for the purpose of comparison. Stopped for thoughts of MLK. Met with a celebrity by the Texas School Book Depository, and had much cause for laughter even there.

The Rendezvous


Central BBQ


incredible SW




Cactus outlined by sun


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