Budding and Grafting of Fruit Trees

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Budding and grafting, especially of fruit trees, has been employed since the earliest times. Grafts occur abundantly in nature-one has but to look. No doubt an observation was made of a natural graft by an astute farmer who saw the possibilities and consequently attempted to employ the same methods to his/her crops. It is reported to have been thought that grafts could be made successfully to animals as well. However, the consequences of those attempts, if any were performed, are beyond the scope of this article.

The next time you get the opportunity, be mindful of grafts and, see how many natural occurrences you can spot.

What exactly does it mean to bud or graft?

"Budding", defined:

"Grafting", defined:

Some common purposes for budding/grafting:

Compatibility: Not all plants can be grafted successfully. In order to produce a good graft union (the growing together of both plants) the plants should be closely related botanically (the stock and scion must be compatible).

The following rules apply:

Some important points in successful budding/grafting are:

There are many methods of budding and grafting from which to choose. We will concern ourselves with the following:

T Budding

Chip Budding

Wedge graft

Approach Graft

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